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15 Creative Party Themes and Ideas for Adults You Will Love

15 Creative Adult Party Themes and Ideas You Will Love

If you’re looking for creative themes for an adult party, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of 15 fun adult party ideas to entertain your guests.

1. Host a Wine Tasting Session

Everyone loves wine, and many people would like to become (or at least pretend to be) experts on this popular grape-derived beverage. For your adult party, you can purchase a beginner’s wine tasting kit and treat your guests to a taste-bud tingling experience.

If you are not sure how to host such an event then help is here.

2. Host a Casino Night as an adult party theme

Topless Poker Dealer

You can also consider creating a home casino environment. You can make it casual by assigning one of your friends as the role of the dealer.

However if you want a more professional game, you can even hire a professional dealer (or dealers) for the night. PeachE can help you find the right clothed or topless poker dealer for your event.

3. Hire a Mixologist

Bartender adult party theme

Nothing is better than drinking customized cocktails. You can entertain your adult friends by hiring a professional mixologist for the night.

Everyone will get drinks that are customized to match their preferences, and you will all have an enjoyable night. Here is a list of the most popular cocktails to start you on your way.

4. Find attractive Bikini Waitresses

Bikini waitress

A regular and boring party can be turned around by a bikini waitress. You can get these ladies from professional modelling agencies or find the right bikini waitress for your event from the Uber of Adult Entertainment.

You will get bonus points from your adult party guests for hiring a bikini waitress who can mix great cocktails.

5. Go to your favourite Strip Club

Adult Entertainment

For those of you who enjoy more risque adult party entertainment, you can visit one or more of your best strip clubs in town.

You can run a quick straw poll to see whether you all have the same preference for strip clubs. Some adult entertainment joints have more pushy strippers than others so its worth doing some research…or not if that will waste precious strip club time!

6. Hire your own private Strippers

Private strippers adult party theme

Another alternative would be to get a good house and hire strippers to entertain you through the night. Hosting a stripper party can be better than going to the clubs since you will have more privacy.

If your friends don’t like the settings of strip clubs, they will also enjoy having the stripper party at home.

7. Host a Margarita Adult Party theme

margarita party theme

You can also choose to centre your party in the margarita. Such a fun party idea can involve the making of margarita pizza and other margarita related foods if you believe in such a thing.

However if you still believe that ‘eating is cheating’ than just stick to the liquid diet…it’s always served me well.

8. Choose an Old Theme

This is one of the common fun party ideas. You just need to choose a theme from one of the past decades and use that period as the theme of your party.

The roaring twenties, the dirty thirties or the fabulous forties all have their own unique themes. Or if you can’t decide than have a theme that is ‘come as your own decade’.

9. Make Old Cocktails for your adult party theme

You can also choose to dig into old cocktail recipes and make them for the party. If possible, you can focus on a particular time period and make drinks from that era.

Probably not best to pick those cocktails from the Prohibition era…that bathtub stuff can kill you :P.

10. Rock and Roll adult party theme

rock and roll as a fun party idea

Most people who grew up in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and even 2000s experienced the strong wave of rock and roll. You can recreate the memories from this period by setting up a party with a rock and roll theme.

If you are keen on creating a party theme for adults, you can go for the more obscene bands of your favourite decade.

11. Set Up a Beach Party

Beach adult party theme

The beach can be very relaxing and a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle. Just don’t choose a popular beach like Bondi Beach.

You can consider setting your party at the beach and also include a small bonfire (if it’s legal to do so).

12. Poker Night

Topless poker dealer

Card games can be very exciting. You can set up your poker table at home and even invite a professional dealer to make your night more relaxingf.

Organise ample chips, booze and food for the night. In such a party, you may have to hire wait staff since your guests will enjoy not having to do their own drink runs.

13. A Hollywood Themed Night

hollywood theme as a fun party idea

Everyone has a favourite Hollywood or Bollywood actor or actress. For your Hollywood adult party theme you can have your guests dress as their favourite actor or actress from a particular era.

14. A Hippy Adult Party theme

A hippy party is one of the best adult party themes. Almost everyone who grew up around the hippy era loved the carefree attitudes of these people, but many could not enjoy it because of, you know…having to work.

You can let your friends enjoy one night of being carefree hippies by setting up a hippy-themed party.

15. Karaoke Party

karaoke as a fun party idea

For this idea, you will have to find a nice karaoke system, and the entire night will fall into place. Just make sure you provide enough drinks for everyone as this will provide some much needed dutch courage to get them to sing.

Adult parties can be fun, especially when they are planned properly. You can choose to centre your party on a particular decade or just a particular alcoholic drink. Also, you can make it exciting by hiring strippers and other adult party entertainers. If your friends love gambling, you can set up a home casino and hire a dealer for the night.

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