Adult party fun – The Ten Commandments

PeachE makes it easy to book adult entertainment for events like bucks parties, hens parties, boat parties and golf days. Our ethos is to improve the adult party entertainment experience for both customers and freelance adult entertainers.

PeachE was born out of the frustration and difficulty in booking adult entertainment for events like bucks parties and hens parties.

Old mate Moses (of biblical fame) had the difficult task of climbing a mountain to return with his prophetic message contained in the Ten Commandments but have you ever tried to organising some adult party fun for a bucks weekend or a hens weekend?

Trying to corral between 10-20 people for a weekend away and getting a consensus view on any bucks activities or hen ideas can be as hard as herding cats.

I will take the mountain climbing and the shame of watching my posse worship false idols any day of the week!

Why book adult entertainment with PeachE

While we didn’t have to spend days travelling up a mountain; like Moses though we have seen our fair share of bush (though it was not of the burning variety – you will get this if you paid attention to your religious studies) on our quest to perfect what we hope is an improvement on the current process of booking some adult fun for your next party event.

These personal travels have led us to create our own version of the Ten Commandments for PeachE.

These outline what we are hoping to achieve and what we promise to deliver to both freelancers who want to offer services such as topless waitressing and waitering and poker dealing and customers who want to send off their buck with a raunchy strip show by an exotic dancer.

1. Thou shalt not pay ridiculously high booking fees

PeachE booking fees are relatively small compared to the fees of adult entertainment agencies. This means more money in the pocket of our freelance adult entertainers and cheaper services for our customers looking for adult party entertainment.

2. Thou shalt be provided with the tools to promote safety when using the website

Adult fun

All users on our site must pass a verification process by a trusted third party verification provider GreenID.

We also have privacy setting for photos and users are able to select a display name that will be used in transacting with other PeachE users.

3. Thou shalt be able to set your hours and availability

Freelancers set their own availability and will not be returned in searches when they are not available – so there will be less unnecessary booking requests.

4. You can be your own boss

PeachE freelancers have a lot more control over their working conditions in comparison to working for an entertainment agency.

You are not locked into their standard pricing and you decide whether to accept a booking request from a customer and set the rules by which they should abide by.

5. Thou shalt have your chosen adult party Freelancer arrive at your event

The freelance adult entertainer you book is the one who will show up to your event. No more ‘last minute’ replacements that don’t meet your adult fun requirements. Booking with PeachE means that there is no risk of receiving a ‘similar model’ and you adult entertainment performer is exactly who you book!

6. Thou shalt have choice from a wide variety of adult party Freelancers

PeachE accepts all comers to the website and we leave it up to the PeachE customers to decide which freelancer meets their adult party needs. This provides a huge variety in the services we offer such as strip shows.

7. Thou shalt decide how much you are willing to pay/charge

Adult party entertainment

Freelance entertainers on PeachE set their own prices and therefore this provides customers who require adult party entertainment a wider choice in terms of pricing that meets their needs.

8. Thou shalt be able to arrange a last-minute adult party entertainment without the hassle

If your bucks party or hens party plans are in chaos due to a last minute cancellation then PeachE can help you find your last minute adult party entertainment replacement.

We have a last minute booking capability that allows user to send multiple booking requests for the same gig.

9. Thou shalt be able to book with confidence

Adult party

The two-way feedback and rating system means that you can book with a higher level of confidence that your adult entertainer meets your party requirements.

10. HAVE AN AMAZING TIME AT YOUR PARTY with the help of PeachE!

We are committed to offering a great experience for both customers and freelancers and we hope that you will come along for the ride!

If using our platform is something that you want to check out then we have a wealth if information to help you out. If you want to know how the booking process works than see our booking guide.

Or if you just want to dive right in than head over to our home page to book an adult entertainment service from one of our freelancers.

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