How to Book Adult Entertainment

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To assist with the booking process we have outlined the steps taken to complete the booking process as a Customer. This guide is primarily for customers, however if you are a PeachE Freelancer you will also benefit from an understanding of the booking process.

We are continually improving the booking process and are adding more features as we go to make sure PeachE is the go to place for booking adult entertainment.

1. Search for an adult party entertainment service

The search box is located on the home page. To complete a successful search you must complete all the fields.

PeachE search box

The Exotic Dancing category is slightly different from the Waitressing and Poker Dealing categories (which include Standard, Bikini, Topless and Nude) in that Freelancers choose what services they want to offer within the Exotic Dancing category.

Use the Keyword field to target specific services within the Exotic Dancing category and you can enter terms like ‘Duo show’ when you are booking adult entertainment on PeachE.

2. Browse freelancer profiles

Clicking on the ‘Search’ button returns a list of all freelancer profiles that are available for the service you have selected and who are also willing to travel to your event.

Make sure to enter at least a street address for this search. You can clear up the finer details of the booking later if the freelance adult entertainer accepts the booking.

PeachE freelancer profiles

You can sort by Price, Rating or Name (which is the default selection). Freelancers are given the option to make their profile private unless you are registered and/or verified customer. If a freelancer offers other adult entertainment services than this will be shown below their profile picture.

3. View a detailed freelancer profile

To see a more detailed profile of a freelance adult entertainer you can click on the profile itself in the search results. The detailed profile includes a short bio of the freelancer and any previous reviews they have received from previous jobs.

Within the detailed profile page you can send a booking adult entertainment request to the freelancer if they fit the bill for your event.

Send Booking Request for adult entertainment

Note: If a Freelancer accepts cash as their primary payment method then this is shown above their profile picture. The service fee to PeachE is still required to be paid in cash.

4. Confirm the sending of booking request

Clicking on the ‘Send Booking Request’ button will navigate you to a confirmation screen that includes the total amount of the booking. You must either enter a credit card or choose a saved credit card. You are also required to enter the details of the event.

Please be as detailed as possible when describing the event, in particular; the type of adult party event, how many guests and what is expected of the freelancer.

Tip: Copy this event description if you are planning on booking multiple freelancers for your event.

Confirmation of booking adult entertainment request

Click Confirm to send the booking request to the nominated freelancer. A booking request is valid for 24 hours and you can cancel a booking request at any time with no charge.

Note: You have the option to designate this booking as a last minute booking. See our blog post on how this works.

5. Consideration of the booking request by the Freelancer

The freelancer decides whether to accept your booking adult party entertainment request based on your customer profile and the details you provided about the event.

If a freelancer requires amendments to the booking to be able to accept than they can initially reject the booking and provide further information on how to make another booking via the reason for rejection message.

Note: A booking adult entertainment request expires after twenty-four hours.  If you are booking last minute than please consider our last minute booking option.

6. Freelancer acceptance of a booking request

Acceptance of booking adult entertainment request

Happy days are here when the booking request is accepted! Your credit card is charged at this point in time and the funds will be held in escrow until the booking has been successfully completed.

Cancellation fees may apply after this point.

Greater than 5 days: All money paid is returned to the customer.

Less than 5 days: PeachE will return the service payment to the customer but it retains the service fee.

Within 24 hours: PeachE does not apply a refund to the customer and the freelancer is paid for the job.

Note: The Cancellation Policy (see Terms and Conditions) does not apply to the Freelancer Service Payment if it is paid in cash.

7. Communicating with the freelancer

The freelancer and customer can send messages to each other via the website if the booking is approved. This communication channel will close at the official end of the booking.

The inbox is located in the ‘Message’ tab in ‘My Account’. Click on the user’s display name to access the message inbox (see below).

Messaging your adult entertainer after a booking

The messaging application allows users to confirm any additional details in relation to the booking in advance to ensure there is no confusion on the day of the booking.

8. Dispute a adult entertainment booking on PeachE

A customer is able to dispute a booking however this will only be upheld by PeachE if the service was not completed in its entirety or at all as per our Terms and Conditions.

If the service was not of the quality that was expected than comments can be left as part of the review and rating process. The review process is covered in the section below.

If the services does not meet your expectations than please leave comments as part of the review and rating process. Reviews will help other users when booking adult entertainment on PeachE.

Note: A Dispute button will be visible in PeachE in the Transaction History tab in My Account for two hours after the official end time of the booking.

9. Leave a review for the adult entertainer freelancer

Rate your adult entertainer after the job is completed

A two-way review and rating process is available at the end of the booking. Honest and accurate feedback about the service that was performed is much appreciated.

Future customers will most likely rely on this feedback when determining which freelancer adult party entertainers to book for their next event.

Note: Feedback can be left
in the Transaction History tab in My Account when two hours has elapsed after the official end time of the booking.

We hope this user guide is helpful! If you have any questions regarding this booking process (or suggestions for how to improve it) than please Contact Us. If you are ready to book adult entertainment than click here.

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