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Know your options when booking a stripper for an event like a bucks or hens party and the common pitfalls to avoid in the process.

Organising entertainment for the weekend

The responsibilities of organising a bucks party or hens party usually falls with the Best Man or Maid of Honour. This can often be a thankless task (something that you can only appreciate until you have to organise one) as it can be difficult to please all of the party attendees all of the time.

However you can be the man/woman of the hour if you can pull it all together and are able to send your buck/hen off in style! Booking quality party entertainment for the weekend frivolities will go a long way towards making your party one for the ages!

There are some common mistakes people make when booking a stripper (male or female) for their more risqué party entertainment. There are steps that you can take to make sure that you avoid making the list of horror bucks party (or hens party) stories and make sure the buck or hen (and guests) have a night to remember!

Hens party stripper

How to book a stripper for a private event and party

There are a few options to finding potential strippers to perform at your hens night or bucks night.  There are benefits and disadvantages to each option depending on how much time you have to organise an exotic dancing service and how much you are willing to spend.

The main options are:

  • book a stripper from an adult entertainment agency
  • find your own private stripper
  • search and book a stripper using a peer to peer website

1. Book from an adult entertainment agency

One way to find a stripper is to get in touch with adult entertainment agencies who have a number of available adult performers who offer a variety of different services such as exotic dancing (stripping). 

The agency will usually send you a price list of the services they offer and photos of the adult performers who are available. 

Take this with a grain of salt though as they usually ask you to select your preferred options from a list of performers and most agencies actually state in their terms and conditions that there is no guarantee that the performer you select is the one that will actually turn up to your party.

More often than not (based on past experience) the performer won’t stack up to the photos the agency sent through or the agency will send you a replacement without prior notice. 

The primary benefit of using an adult entertainment agency is that although your requested performer may not be honoured, more often than not you will at least get a performer!

Although you may regret that saving grace when the replacement performer turns up and the strip shows begins!

How much to book a stripper through an agency?

Adult entertainment agencies are primarily just a middle man and therefore the price of their adult entertainers are at the high end of the price range. 

You can easily determine the agencies booking fee (generally between 50 to 100 percent of the payment to the performer) as its equals the deposit you pay to the agency to confirm the booking. 

The cash you pay to the performer at the time of the event is the performer’s share of the total amount that you pay as the customer.

Bucks party stripper

2. Find your own private stripper

If you have more time on your hands and are willing to put in a bit more effort than booking a private stripper is not a bad way to go.

Generally you can find private male strippers and private female strippers on social media sites like Instagram or on classifieds such as Gumtree.

It will require some old fashioned grunt work to search for and browse profiles of potential adult entertainers and invariably a lot of back and forth through either messages or phone calls.

However, the big payoff with this approach is that you will get the performer you actually requested! If you are the hens party organiser, you don’t have to worry about being sent a geriatric male entertainer who looks more at home in your pop’s retirement village than on the d-floor of your raucous hens party!

What happens if the stripper cancels?

Before you start thinking that there is all upside to the private stripper option, there is a potential downside – the dreaded last minute cancellation. This can throw your best laid out plans into disarray and cause a lot of angst.

Make sure to have some back up plans in case a cancellation eventuates. Organise a topless waitress or topless waiter followed by a strip show so that even if one does a ‘no show’ than there is at least some adult party fun for the weekend.

Another option (in the case of a bucks party) is to have tentative plans booked at a strip club or topless bar so in the case of a cancellation the buck can at least see some T&A during his bucks party!

How much to book a stripper privately?

A private stripper will undoubtedly be a cheaper option in comparison to the same service offered through an entertainment agency as there is no middleman adding a booking fee on top of the price charged by the adult performer.

So the additional effort required to find a freelance entertainer should result in a better price for you as the the customer.

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3. Search and book a stripper through a peer to peer website

A great new way to browse numerous freelance adult entertainers and book your exact requirements online in a matter of minutes.

A new way to book adult entertainment is through a peer to peer website such as Peach Entertainment (PeachE). The goal of PeachE is to provide a better, safer and better value for money option than booking through an agency or finding your own private stripper.

Like an agency, PeachE allows you to browse through multiple profiles, however this can be done at the click of the mouse button rather than having to sort through numerous emails from different agencies.

Freelance entertainers on PeachE set their own pricing so you can choose a price and strip show that best suits your requirements.

Why book a stripper through a peer to peer network?

PeachE also has a two way review system so that you can see the feedback provided by previous customers who have booked the freelance entertainer. This will help to ensure the integrity of the service and motivate freelancers to keep their profile accurate and up to date.

PeachE charges a booking fee in addition to the price a freelancer charges on our website, however this fee ranges between 12 to 18 percent (depending upon the value of the service).

This is significantly lower than the fees charged by adult entertainment agencies which can be anywhere from 50 to 100 percent.

Although this may mean PeachE will cost slightly more than a privately sourced stripper, the time saved searching for a stripper and the ability to pick a stripper that has been vetted by your peers will more than compensate you for this small additional cost.

PeachE’s cancellation policy fairly compensates users for any cancellation and it incentivises freelancers not to cancel an approved booking at the last minute.

However if a PeachE freelancer does cancel last minute than we have a booking option that allows customers to send out multiple requests to freelancers for a single booking.

The first freelancer to book will be your performer for your party. The first freelancer to accept a booking request will automatically cancel all other booking requests – so you don’t have to run the risk of a double booking.

If a simple and quick way to book a reputable stripper for your next event is too much to pass up then pay a visit to PeachE! See the PeachE how to book adult entertainment user guide.

Some additional considerations when hiring a party entertainer

If you haven’t already jumped away to find that perfect stripper for your party then there are a few more things to consider when making a booking.

These will go a long towards make sure you find the right adult performer who will make the bucks or hens crowd go wild!

• Make sure to provide as much detail as possible about the event you expect the entertainer to perform at so as to avoid any unnecessary confusion or disappointment.

This includes: how many people are attending, the gender mix of the crowd, the type of event (e.g. boat party, bucks weekend, boys night out etc), location, number of guest etc.

• If possible (and available) as the exotic dancer for video of any previous shows or performances they have done.

• If the adult entertainer does not provide you the rules under which they perform than ask for these rules. A performer has specific rules about such things as participation of other guests at the show and how much personal contact is allowed. This will avoid any unnecessary complications and ensure that the performer is comfortable and can complete the whole show.

Whichever way you decide to go – this guide should help you avoid the biggest mistakes party organisers make in booking adult entertainment. All the best for a wild and outrageous weekend!

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