Gold Coast Bucks Party – 12 Day and Night ideas

Having a Gold Coast bucks party is definitely one to consider if your are the bucks party organiser. You just need the right bucks party activities to make it a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Bucks parties are huge at the moment. It is no longer enough to go down to the pub for a few drinks, the party has to be an all-day event that includes some great entertainment. Having a Gold Coast bucks party is definitely one to consider if your are the bucks party organiser.

Planning a bucks party can put a lot of pressure on the organiser who is trying to ensure that their buck has the time of their life. Luckily, the Gold Coast has so much to offer, so much so, that you are never stuck for Gold Coast bucks party ideas.

Here are some of the best bucks party activities in Gold Coast for both the day and night.

Gold Coast Bucks Day Ideas

Gold Coast buck party ideas

1. Go fishing

Why not go out for half a days fishing on your own private charter boat? Head out in the morning or the afternoon, bring your own booze and enjoy a fishing adventure with your mates. It will give you plenty to talk about when you head out in the evening.

2. Go-karting

The Gold Coast is home to a 475-metre long indoor go-karting track, set out on three storeys. There is plenty of fun on the track, including ramps, hairpin bends and tunnels. Why not head here for a bit of fun and competition before you start on the alcohol?

3. Bucks party cruise

Or head out on the water on your very own cruise. Enjoy great food, alcohol, music, your very own Gold Coast bikini waitress and the stunning sights of the Gold Coast as you take your own private boat out. Those involved in Gold Coast bucks party cruises are great party entertainers and they will ensure that everyone has a great time.

4. Brewery charter

Treat yourselves to a half a day tour of two of the most epic breweries on the Gold Coast. Learn all about the brewing process and enjoy plenty of samples to get you ready for the big night.

5. Indoor paintball

Head to the indoor paintball centre for guaranteed fun and laughs. This is an amazing course to run around on, shooting your friends and making memories to laugh about when you head out for the evening.

6. Watch a show

You could go and watch a show or even head to the cinema. It might seem a little tame for a bucks party but it could certainly give you all something to talk about as you head out for beers in the evening.

Gold Coast Bucks Night Ideas

Gold coast buck party nightlife

1. Head to the club

The nighttime part of a Gold Coast bucks party is the time to really ramp up the adult party entertainment. Why not head to the club and see what mischief you and your groom can get up to?

2. Stripper and Topless Waitress

Let’s face it most bucks party evening plans will revolve around alcohol and you will, more than likely find yourselves in a pub. Why not add to the event by organising a Gold Coast stripper and topless waitress for your buck. It will involve some planning because you will have to be in an agreed location at a particular time buy your groom will really thank you.

3. Head to the casino

The Gold Coast is home to a few casinos. Head here to splash the cash and mix with some of the Gold Coast’s elite. Some casinos even have shows for you to enjoy, it could be the perfect backdrop to your evening entertainment.

4. The strip club

It is a tried and tested bucks party tradition. Yes, it might seem dated but there is a reason why groups of men have been frequenting Gold Coast strip clubs since the dawn of time to celebrate impending nuptials. Take your groom and let him enjoy his last bit of freedom.

5. Head out to a swanky restaurant

The Gold Coast is teeming with trendy places to eat. It might seem a bit tame, but not everybody wants a raucous night out. Let your group treat themselves to a luxurious meal. You never know the alcohol might flow and you can always lead them on to a less-sophisticated establishment if the mood takes you.

6. Hire a luxury penthouse

Why not hire a luxury penthouse as the scene for your bucks party? You could make this into the event that you think your groom will love. Keep it sophisticated or make it more naughty by buying in more alcohol and hiring a Gold Coast topless waitress or two for the evening.

or two for the evening.

The Gold Coast really is the perfect backdrop for any bucks party. There is so much for you to do and see and plenty of bucks party activities to consider. Nobody in your party will need to be bored and we guarantee that you will give your groom the time of his life.

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