Gold Coast topless waitress – Book an adult party entertainer

Where else but the Gold Coast would you be able to book Gold Coast topless waitresses or bikini waitresses online through the Uber of adult party entertainment.

The Gold Coast is the perfect place to find scantily dressed women on the beach during the day and then turn around and party hard with the same crowd on the sensational ‘Glitter strip’ that is at the heart of the Gold Coast scene.

Gold Coast Beaches

It is the ultimate bucks party destination where you can hit up the stunning beaches during the day and also have plenty of time to blow off some steam with heart-pumping activities such as skydiving, paint-balling and go-kart racing.

If the bigger cars are more your thing then the Gold Coast 600 in October is one hell of a weekend! Hot cars, hot nights and hot women!

Gold Coast Topless Waitresses

A bucks party weekend or boys night out would not be complete if you didn’t have one or more Gold Coast topless waitresses for your own private party event.

Book a Gold Coast topless waitress from PeachE

At PeachE we can are more than happy to provide a helping hand in sorting out a Gold Coast topless waitress or two to entertain the lads.

We offer freelance topless and bikini waitresses who are willing to come to your event and do all the hard work of serving drinks for you.

Booking last minute adult entertainment?? No worries we can help you out there. Send out multiple last minute booking requests to Gold Coast bikini waitresses in the area to make sure that you have the best chance at getting the boys a great start to the night.

PeachE is the first Australian peer to peer adult party entertainment marketplace where you can browse and book freelance adult entertainers directly online at rates that are much lower than an adult entertainment agency.

We have a great selection of Gold Coast topless or bikini waitresses but don’t take our word for it…take up our offer and check us out!

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