How PeachE Works – For a Customer

Booking last minute with PeachE is quick and easy as only Freelancers who are available and willing to travel to your event are returned in searches. Deal direct with the adult entertainment freelancer and cut out the agency middle-man.

1. Register with PeachE

Click on the ‘Sign Up Customer’ button in the website header to display the sign up form. You must complete all the mandatory fields.

  • First Name (as per your identification – this will not be visible to other PeachE users)
  • Last Name
    (as per your identification – this will not be visible to other PeachE users)
  • Display Name (visible to other PeachE users)
  • Mobile Number (a valid Australian phone number)
  • Email Address (a PeachE account activation email will be sent this address)
  • Date of Birth (to be used in the verification process to check that you are over 18)
  • Gender
  • Address (at a minimum a street address is required)
  • Password and Confirm Password
  • Promotional Code (OPTIONAL)

An activation email will be sent to the email address that you registered with PeachE. The email may be sitting in your junk, spam or promotional folder.

Successful completion of the registration process will allow you to perform searches on the site and view detailed profiles of Freelancers.

2. Verify your details (optional)

This information will NOT be shown to other users on the site but will be required for the verification process. The ‘Display Name’ you choose will be used when transacting with other users.

To provide Freelancer with more confidence when choosing to accept your booking you can verify your identity documentation (Driver’s License or Passport) in My Account -> Verification or through the verification link in the notifications inbox in the website header (see below).

entertainment freelancer

If you are not able to verify yourself automatically then you can send your identity documentation to and we will manually verify your details.

This process provides Freelancers with the confidence that the Freelancer is over 18 and legally residing in, or visiting, Australia.

Your verification details are not stored by PeachE and is performed by a trusted third party verification provider called VixVerify.

3. Search for available freelancers

The search box is located on the home page of the website (click on the PeachE logo in the header to return to the home page). Fill out the search details based on your event requirements.

The profiles returned are separated into those results that exactly match the search criteria in the search fields.

The freelancer summary shows the pricing and the other services the freelancer offers. Click on the summary profile of a freelancer to see their detailed profile.

4. Make a booking

Once in the detailed profile section, make sure to enter as many details as possible about your event in the text field provided.

This will allow the Freelancer to make an informed decision about whether to approve the booking.

To increase the likelihood of making a successful booking for your event you can click on the ‘Last Minute’ checkbox. This will allow you to make multiple booking requests for a single booking.

For example you can make at least five booking requests for the one job by selecting the ‘Last Minute’ check for each of the five bookings.

The first Freelancer to accept will automatically cancel your other Last Minute booking requests.

5. Confirm payment

To complete a booking you can use a new card or you can select a credit card option if you have saved at least one credit card in Payment -> Payment Preferences.

last minute payments

The payment to the Freelancer will be held in escrow until two hours after the official end date and time of the service.

You are able to dispute this payment within this two hour window, however it must meet our Terms and Conditions.

When you are finished entering the details for a booking you can send a booking request to the Freelancer by clicking on the ‘Send Booking Request’ button.

6. Leave feedback for Freelancer

After clicking on the summary profile of a Freelancer in the search results you will be able to see a more detailed profile of the Freelancer. 

This will include a description of themselves as well as both summary and detailed feedback from previous customers. 

At the end the event you will be able to provide your own feedback on the performance of the Freelancer.  You have 14 days to leave a review.

Go to the ‘Completed’ tab on the ‘Transaction History’ page and provide feedback against each successfully completed booking.

Please provide a star rating out of 5 for each of the three categories. You can provide addition feedback in the text box provided.

If these have not fully answered your question(s) than please also check out our FAQ page. Please feel free to also Contact Us directly via our contact form or email us at