Last Minute Adult Entertainment – How to book

PeachE makes it easy to book last minute adult entertainment for events like bucks parties, hens parties, boat parties and golf days. We provide customers the option to send multiple last minute booking requests for the one gig.

Organising a bucks or hens party is difficult enough without having to worry about whether the adult entertainer you have booked for a few hours of topless waitressing (or waitering) looks like the photos provided by the entertainment agency or wondering whether the strip show lives up to expectations. 

However the worst case scenario is when the adult performer cancels at the last minute and leaves you high and dry.  There is not much fun in having an inebriated bucks or hens crew getting into your ear about when the adult party fun is going to make an appearance, especially when you have no last minute adult entertainment options.

Your standard adult entertainment agency is only open during normal business hours and so finding a last minute adult entertainment replacement after hours is a long shot.  This is where PeachE can come to the rescue and make sure your buck or hen has an amazing last night of freedom!

Send multiple last minute booking requests

PeachE has a last minute party entertainment booking option that allows you to send multiple booking requests for the one gig.  This increases the odds of finding a freelance adult entertainer and reduces the time taken to confirm a booking which reduces the stress for both the party organiser and the buck/hen.  The first freelancer that accepts your booking request will be your freelancer for the night.

To be able to send off a number of last minute adult entertainment booking requests for the one gig a customer will need to check the ‘Last Minute Booking’ checkbox for each last minute adult entertainment booking request.  This checkbox is found in the Booking Confirmation page (see screenshot below). 

Last minute adult entertainment booking screen

A tip for beginners – make sure to take a copy of the text you enter in the Event Description field (also in the Booking Confirmation page) so that you can paste into the same field when making each new last minute adult entertainment booking request. 

You will be able to see all the last minute adult entertainment requests in the My Booking -> Awaiting tab as each last minute booking will have the ‘Last Minute’ tag.

No more double booking of adult entertainment

Although there is no guarantee that a freelance adult entertainer will approve a booking request – the chances are better the more booking requests you send. 

There is no risk of double booking as once a freelancer accepts, the remaining last minute party entertainment booking requests will automatically expire.  You will be hero of the night if you are able to pull off a last minute adult entertainment booking!

PeachE has made booking last minute party entertainment a more viable option by allowing you to send multiple bookings requests using your mobile phone. 

Though you don’t need to wait until another adult entertainment agency cancels on you last minute…just go straight to PeachE to book your next topless waitress/waiter or exotic dancer (stripper). You may also require last minute booze if you are holding an event in Brisbane.

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