Adult Entertainment services – What we offer on PeachE

PeachE offers a number of adult entertainment services at prices that are significantly better than your standard agency that offers adult party services.

PeachE is a peer to peer network that offers an online marketplace for adult entertainment services. Female and male Freelancers on PeachE have a lot more control of their working conditions as they are able to set their own pricing and availability.

This provides you the customer with a wider choice in terms of both pricing and services. You can book from the comfort of you own home without having to deal with multiple adult entertainment agencies.

Female adult entertainment services


You can book a PeachE freelancer that will serve you drinks and mingle with your party guests.

Our female adult party entertainment freelancers can offer one or more of the following services in the waitress categories:

Standard (clothed) waitressing is great for your more low key party entertainment events that may be more corporate in nature and you don’t want to risk offending anyone who may be a little on the conservative side.

Standard waitressing for adult entertainment services

Bikini waitressing (or skimpies as they are are known out west) as the name suggests is a little more risque in nature and may be more suitable for your boat party and/or a bucks party where Uncle Bill is in attendance and you don’t want to send him the wrong message.

Topless waitressing is probably your standard bucks party favourite as most people want to see at least a little bit of boob action (especially those bucks party guests who have been married for a while).

To maintain a little bit of decorum on this site we won’t be posting any topless (or nude waitressing for that matter) pictures so you will have to book and find out for yourself in person!

Nude waitressing is for those wanting to go all out and where money and morals is less of an issue.

Female Poker Dealing

Having a poker dealer for your poker or bucks party event is a great form of party entertainment.

Adult entertainment services

Not only is it better than having your dodgy mate Carlos deal cards but it’s great to have something to look at rather than just a bunch of blokes at a table.

Make sure to let your dealer know whether what you are providing on the night and what she needs to bring (if anything).

Poker dealing has the same options as the waitressing category:

  • Standard (clothed) poker dealers
  • Bikini poker dealers
  • Topless poker dealers
  • Nude poker dealers

Female stripping as party entertainment

Exotic dancers (or strippers) can really set the scene for an epic bucks party night! Veg shows, strawberries and cream shows and lesbian shows are just some of what’s on offer at PeachE.

PeachE freelancers choose what shows they want to offer so you just don’t know what you will find on PeachE. Take a browse and be blown away but what you have show up at your next event!

Male adult entertainment services


If you are planning a raunchy hens party than having some hunk male party entertainment is a must!

Our male adult party entertainment freelancers can offer one or more of the following waitering categories:

Standard (clothed) waitering is more for your conservative hens party type where you can still enjoy the attention of one of our hunky male freelancers without drawing the ire from Aunty May.

party entertainment

Topless waiters are great for when Aunty May has gone home and the girls want to let their hair down. Let a PeachE topless waiter keep the drinks flowing and mingle with your hens party brood.

Adult party

Male Stripping as party entertainment

We have all been blown away by Channing Tatum strutting his stuff in Magic Mike and maybe even Magic Mike XXL (yes there was a sequel!).

So why not get the next best thing and order a male stripper as your next adult party service.

PeachE male adult entertainers are free to choose what stripping services they offer so do yourself a favour and check them out now on the Uber of adult entertainment services!

Learn how it works and how to book on PeachE. Please also support the companies that support us like TravelSafe.