Perth topless poker dealer – Planning a poker night

Treat yourself by booking a Perth topless poker dealer to deal for your event. The boys poker night is a classic favourite – either for adult party entertainment or on a bucks weekend.

The boys poker night may be one of the rare times when its acceptable to puff on a cigar, sip expensive scotch and pretend to be a gangster from the old days.

Re-watching poker movie classics like Rounders will get you in the mood to get the boys around and show off your new poker skills. Let’s hope you take down the pot George Clooney style in Ocean’s Eleven from the hapless fish (i.e. your friends) at the table.

Perth topless poker dealer for adult party entertainment

Topless Poker Dealer Perth

To make the night even more memorable than hire a Perth topless poker dealer to take charge of the night.

We have a great selection of Perth topless poker dealers but don’t take our word for it…take up our offer and check us out!

PeachE is the first Australian peer to peer adult party entertainment marketplace where you can browse and book freelance adult entertainers directly online at rates that are much lower than an adult entertainment agency.

Booking last minute adult entertainment?? No worries we can help you out there. Send out multiple last minute booking requests to Perth topless poker dealers in the area to make sure that you have the best chance at getting the boys a great start to the night.

Make sure to confirm with your adult party entertainer on who will be supplier the gear, and by gear I mean all the requirements to play poker such as chips, cards, table etc.

Texas Holdem is by far the most popular and main poker game in town but also check with your poker dealer on which games she is comfortable with dealing. Other favourites include Omaha and seven-card-stud.

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