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Want to earn a passive income? Refer users to PeachE - PeachE

Want to earn a passive income? Refer users to PeachE

PeachE can offer its users the opportunity to earn a passive income in the adult entertainment industry by referring both customers and freelancers to the PeachE platform.

One of the best books we have read recently is ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki who wants to increase the financial literacy of his readers and helping them build their financial wealth.   Robert stresses the importance of ‘making money work for you’ and in developing multiple channels of earning a passive income.

How to earn passive income?

To make PeachE the market leader in adult entertainment services we are offering PeachE supporters an ongoing referral program.  The way it works is that you (as the PeachE referree) can spread the word about PeachE and earn a passive income by encouraging new freelancers to offer their services on the platform and/or by incentivising customers to book a freelancer on PeachE.

earn a passive income

Every time a freelancer or customer (that you have invited to use PeachE) successfully completes a transaction on PeachE, you will receive a percentage of the booking fee associated with that booking. Great for you, but not for the new freelancer you might ask?!? 

Think again – the new adult entertainment freelancer won’t be handing over their hard-earned money to you (so they won’t be losing out), but rather it will be taken out of the booking fee PeachE charges on each booking.

What adult entertainment services are included?

As a freelancer on PeachE, individuals choose to perform services such as exotic dancing (stripping) or lingerie waitressing.  As part of our referral program the service performed or booked doesn’t matter. 

You receive a referral fee (and earn a passive income) no matter what adult party entertainment service is being booked on PeachE. This is an ongoing fee so you will reap the benefits every time the freelancer or customer transacts on the website at

We want our customers and freelance adult entertainers to promote the safety, ease of use and value of PeachE all over Australia and you can be a part of this by being rewarded for simply spreading the word!

We firmly believe we will become the market leader in adult party entertainment services and that the current system simply doesn’t reward the right people (such as you!!) for their hard work.

How to get in touch with us?

If you want to be earning a passive income by spending a little bit of time spreading the word about PeachE than we would love to hear from you!  We might be a little biased but we truly believe we offer a great service and so it should make it pretty easy to encourage people to join PeachE!

If this referral program is of interest to you than send us an email at We can discuss the terms and conditions of the agreement and have you started right away!

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