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Work as a bikini waitress - Do you have what it takes? - PeachE

Work as a bikini waitress – Do you have what it takes?

Have you considered what it takes to work as a bikini waitress or work as a topless waitress? We lay it all out for you and tell you the benefits and potential pitfalls that you need to consider before taking the plunge.

Working as a topless waitress or bikini waitress can be both a financially and socially rewarding endeavour. Where else can you blend mingling with a party crowd and working at the same time for a great hourly rate.

Work as a bikini waitress

You do need to consider whether you are able to handle the atmosphere and what it takes to ensure the party guests have a great time!

What does is take to be a great bikini waitress?

When we are are talking to potential freelancers about PeachE, we have some of them respond to us with words to the effect of:

“I’d love to work as a bikini waitress or topless waitress, but I don’t have the skills or the right body features to be able to pull it off.”


“I’m fine on the waitressing side of things, but not doing it in a bikini or heaven forbid topless waitressing.”

Whether it be the looks, the dance moves, the confidence – people always have doubts and reservations about whether they could cut it in the adult party entertainment industry.

Make some moves when you work as a bikini waitress
Maybe some of these moves? 🙂

When we talk to a number of our experienced Freelancers (and to those within PeachE who have also worked as topless waitresses in a previous life) and there are two main (and very related) traits that they said were essential to have when working in the adult entertainment industry:

  • a Sense of Fun, and a
  • a Bubbly Personality.

Having fun yourself – Fake it till you make it

Although freelance work as a bikini waitress is a job, having fun at the same time will not only make it a good experience for your customers but also make it a rewarding experience for yourself.

“As soon as it isn’t fun anymore, get out. You should be looking forward to each booking, to the new people you will get to meet and the new connections/further work that this will lead to.”

Treat each job like your own private party bucks or hens party you are attending. From a clients perspective it is pretty easy to tell if their hired help is just treating their organised party event as a job.

“I feel like she *the waitress* is just going through the motions and that they’ve done this a hundred times before. The waitress service is good and the alcohol is flowing but it doesn’t look like she is having much fun as well.”

work as a topless waitress

The most important aspect is to come to a party with a general plan on how to keep the guests entertained. This generally means enticing them to a game of beer bong, playing some drinking games or offering body shots to get the mood going.

If you have any party tricks than this is definitely the time to pull them out. We had a good laugh at this list of totally useless (but are actually pretty good) party tricks that can be mastered in a matter of minutes.

A party trick when you work as a topless waitress
The magic balloon phone cover trick

A bubbly personality – a trait to rule them all

This one goes hand in hand with the above. The number of clients we’ve had who have said:

“She was great! They didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, they were just a blast to hang out with!”

99% of clients will prefer to see and will remember a freelancer who is a great communicator, someone who is interacting with all the guests and is adding to the mood, even if their service isn’t totally polished.

This feedback will come across in the peer-to-peer rating system that PeachE utilises. Customers don’t want to be stuck on a boat party or be at a sporting event with someone they have hired to work as a topless waitress who has the personality of a dishcloth.

If you are a freelance bikini or topless waitress and you are being bubbly and interactive then you’re well on your way to conquering (one party at at time) the adult entertainment industry.

Have fun when you work as a topless waitress.
Just get out there and enjoy yourself!

So if you think you have the personality and the sense of fun, but are concerned about other aspects – don’t be! From our experience you can learn the other traits on the job, and if you’re having fun your clients will too!

As a freelancer on PeachE you pick which services you want to offer, the price you charge and the times that you are available. We also have Uber-style ratings and our customers are verified prior to sending booking requests. So check us out now!

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